Walmart heirs' net worth exceeds that of population of a city the size of Phoenix




And Walmart employs, what, 1.4 million people in America? Which means the Walton family is certainly worth significantly more than them (especially since Walmart employees make significantly less than the average American)… And there’s what, six Walton grandkids (and their families) that own the company? Jesus Christ, what assholes.


But when we finally get around to abandoning money, all those fabulously wealthy people will look a bit silly. They’ll still have ‘stuff’ they can barter with of course, so not a total loss, in most cases.


No, sadly, they will have been eaten.


Guys, come on, they clearly earned every cent of that money. I mean, if they didn’t, why would they have it?


Can’t you just not shop there? Or is it a case of ‘they already own everything else also’?


It’s past time for us to coopernate against the scum.




The simple sad conclusion that I have come to, is that MOST people simply don’t care about anything, are unintelligent and easily manipulated by advertising and social media, and are really only concerned with what happens in a 3-5 foot radius around them.


Funny how nobody ever includes themselves in that verdict.


I live in a major metropolitan area, so I can quite easily not shop there. People like my grandmother, on the other hand, who live in a small town, have no choice. Walmart completely destroyed all competing businesses when they moved in. The closest competition is 40+ miles away.


That wealth has allowed at least one of them to kill with impunity. We’re so lucky to have these job creators amongst us.


Don’t be so cynical. It’s at least 10 feet.


How many heirs exactly? The people deserve to know!

And why mention Phoenix when Chicago was passed years ago? Now they’re moving on to states…to be fair, one of the poorer ones.

At any rate; I’m not going to argue income inequality vs. job creation, we’ve all heard the talking points many times. But I will say this: the unasked question is ‘where is the outrage?!’ And it’s easy enough to find…on-line and during certain counter-cultural gatherings.

But policy wise?

It’s business as usual. If capitalism and the democratic process isn’t working for you…obviously you are doing something wrong. Besides, those heirs wouldn’t have gotten so rich if you rabble weren’t so concerned about buying the cheapest possible everything.

Bullshit of course…but for the vast majority of recorded history; the golden rule applies. The prosaic one. And our current Guilded Class remembers the past and won’t make the same mistakes as their forebears. “The rich will always be with you…”


They don’t taste nice?


They have a rich taste. It’s not like those funny-tasting clowns…


Like… not being rich enough?


Full-bodied, with great character.


Exactly. An attitude I’ve noticed (partly because I’m affected by it myself) is that “Wealth Is Virtue” - the more money someone has, the more moral and upstanding they’re assumed to be. According to Mel Blanc, Al Jolson embodied it best: “Do you have a million dollars? Because I do.”


Dividing the heirs’ net worth by the number of wal-mart employees worldwide, if the wal-mart heirs decided tomorrow to return every penny they had built up from wal-mart profits to its employees, the employees would receive $65,000 each.