Want to join the gig economy? FlexJobs can save you a lot of time and heartbreak

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Want to join the gig economy?

/looks at current situation of gig workers
Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do. /s

Oh wait, as a potential worker, I’d have to pay them a subscription fee?
/runs for the fucking hills


Want to join the gig economy?

Fuck no.


Legitimate job placement companies never charge the worker, the make their money off the employer. This is like the old stuffing envelopes scam. Wow.


If you are paying to be employed you are being ripped off and are a sucker.


The gig economy is the modern-day equivalent of serfdom, working for a benevolent overlord who can screw you at their whim as it pleases them.

I remember when the boing boing store just started out and actually had cool shit instead of this every other post advertising for courses like some kind of infomercial on 90s TV.

Guys I get it you got to pay for the site but this shit is getting old. I mean it’s not my site so maybe I got no place to say anything but is this really the best you can do to leverage your brand?

This feels like some sell-out shit to me.


No One:

Want to join the gig economy?




Want to join the gig economy?

Somehow I was expecting Sally Struthers. “Sure, we all do!”


I’m just waiting for the Boing Boing Shop headlines “Want to sell your blood plasma quickly and easily?” and “Have an extra firstborn you don’t need? This product can help!”


Sometimes I wonder if it’s a very depressing joke to keep featuring such scammy ads on a site where every single one of the writers (at least the 4 founders + Rob) is vocal about this kind of bullshit. I mean really: how to become an instagram influencer? How to join the gig economy? How to become a shark in the stock market? How to exchange your mundane home appliances for new shiny internet-of-things ones?

I asked in another thread like this: did Cory leave and start his own blog without this crap because of how embarrassing it is to be associated with it? Was there ever an explanation post that I missed?




Hey@markfrauenfelder isn’t this some embarrassing stuff to post on BoingBoing?


Yeah, maybe they could try something like a monthly support fee, like Patreon ?


The Gig economy, and the market “disrupters” who are willing to lose tens of millions of dollars for several years while thoroughly destroying established, working markets is trashfire. Please stop posting ads like this. Boing Boing staff post lots of articles deconstructing the dystopian gig economy, which takes advantage of workers and destroys real businesses, so maybe your offerings should reflect your own moral convictions.


Want to join the gig economy? ActuallyDon’tDoThat can save you a lot of time and heartbreak.


Joining the gig economy isn’t about “wanting”; the options are “having no choice about” and “being duped into”.

That fig leaf of legitimacy might be the least you could ask for, but IMO a fig leaf is pretty much all it is. I worked for a local government for several years, in a job I originally got through my own contacts, but for contractual reasons they had to hire me through a certain “recruitment” company. That company didn’t arrange the placement, provide me with benefits, know anything about me, or give a shit about finding me another job after I left, but they did remember to charge my employer $8 for every single hour I ever worked there. Recruitment rentiers like that don’t work for the employer or the employee. Bridge trolls earn a more honest living.


“This blender does both!!”


It’s been suggested by the commentariat a number of times, but the Powers That Be don’t really consider the idea viable at this point.


"How would you like no benefits, no job security, no health insurance, and the chance to be your own boss, except you pay us for the privilege? You’re in luck! But you had better hurry! With the state this country is in right now, everybody is taking advantage of this extended time opportunity!
“You may ask, how can your company survive while offering a deal this fantastic? Volume!”

This has been brought up several times before that I’ve seen with no response. I’m assuming there was a response the first time it was asked, years and years ago. I’m guessing there are reasons it’s being done this way instead.

I’m just glad I browse the site with Brave. I feel bad any time I share a link from this site to my friends or family because I know they are in for an ad drenched experience.

Lately I’ve been feeling like they just read the headlines in the chat window and move on because it’s so damned bad, since they never comment on the meat of the posts. I’ve started linking to the source article instead, if there is one.