WaPo: These YouTube parents pulled disturbing ‘pranks’ on their kids. Now, they’ve lost custody



Sorry there ‘parents’ but ya done fucked up and showed it to the world… admittedly with a certain style. You lost your rights to be a parent at least to these kids, move on to making cringeworthy embarrassing videos of yourselves or some other victims please.


These parents have scarred their kids for life by teaching them that it’s OK to use violence, to be untrusting of others, and that being mean is fine as long as someone gets to monetize it on YouTube.


Well, that’s suitably awful but on the bright side it’s heartening to hear that the Internet helped to remove these children from the care of these people.

“Emma’s back to being a mouse,” Hall said. “She loves cheese. That’s the first thing she asked me for was cheese, because she wasn’t allowed to have it.”

No cheese? You monsters!


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