War Beat, the Magazine for Journalists Who Swoon Over Missiles


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/11/war-beat-the-magazine-for-jou.html

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the latest issue of War Beat Magazine gushes over the cutest Tomahawk missiles and their BFF Donny Trump!



You win the Internet for today :exclamation:



Tweeting that out!


TDB, you magnificent bastard.


Tom the dancing bug aka it’s funny because it’s true. :confused:


Nah, I’m sticking with needling Donny on his impotence.


That Brian Williams bit tho…that was weird:


Well, this isn’t a comment for this comics, but a call for help.
I’ve been looking for a comic (which I believe is a Tom the Dancing Bug one), but I just can’t find it again.
It was about one upperclass and one working class kids and their education and how the former one studying to get his diploma (while the other couldn’t go to school) made him fel entitled to everything in his life.

Anyone remembers that one ?


One of these?:


Unfortunately, no, but thanks for trying to help. The comics had humans as characters.

I’ve been over the list of those published on Boingboing twice, but no luck. Although I’m sure I’ve seen it here, I begin to wonder whether it might have been something else than Tom the Dancing Bug.


Did you mean this one? Which, as you can see, is not Bolling’s.


That’s the one, thanks.

Indeed, my mistake about the author.


Glad i could help. I love that comic.


Okay, that makes more sense.

TtDB does do that same sort of “wealth inequality” topic, but generally uses Hollingsworth Hound (and/or Lucky Ducky) to illustrate it. When you said it had humans, I was at a complete loss.

Kudos to @Auld_Lang_Syne for finding what you were looking for!


Well, so was I.
In this case, I find Pencilsword much more powerful, and I would have been quite miffed to not be able to find it again.


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