Watch 23 of the best dolly zooms in cinematic history


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I thought I was going to like the full environmental ones and dislike the ones where a figure in medium shot looks pasted on a disconnected zooming background but I found those latter kinds worked pretty well, too.

Nice to see them show love for L’Haine

I found that the one example where this was too much was The Quick and The Dead.

While the effect adds to the shot, and it’s neat that it was done just with a dolly zoom, it looks far too much like actors in front of a bluescreen. Or, today, we’d just say it was done on a computer.


This is the most hypnotizing ‘this what different focal lengths do to perspective’ demo ever.

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In one of the other threads, I was trying to think of a use for a powered zoom. Maybe it would be useful here, provided that it’s synced with the dolly’s movement somehow.

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Not a single mention of ‘zolly’? It’s always been a favorite silly photography term, like ‘snoot’.

All this ‘dolly zoom’ talk reminds me of zombie fiction where everyone bends over backwards (linguistically) to call zombies anything but ‘zombie’.

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Those power zooms are nice for video, in that they allow a smooth zoom (if you don’t have steady hands). I never personally use it on my NEX, but I have that lens because the power-zoom version of the lens is significantly smaller than the non-power-zoom.

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But that was Sam Raimi intentionally creating a ‘tribute’ to Sergio Leone, wasn’t it? It was meant to be over the top.

@anon24181555 I’ll like that when I get back from throwing up.

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I associate the power zoom with Point and Shoots,

but I don’t do video. Then again, my camera uses the F mount, which has been hastily cobbled together since 1959

Technically, focal lengths do nothing to perspective: perspective is based on where the observer is relative to the subject. Of course, different focal lengths require the observer to move in order to get the same framing (which is usually not what we want).

This brings back memories. “Dolly Zoom” was my stripper name. True story.


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