WATCH: 365 words of wisdom, recorded one word daily for a year


Excellent variation on the picture a day idea. Nicely done, and thoughtful words to go with it.

Nice video.

Also, I thought I recognized the face… Saskatoon, represent!

Is this art, really? I could do this … and probably in a fraction of the time.

(No, I’m not serious.)

I really liked this, and found myself noticing the weird aural artifacts from using only one word per day. Fun.

Edit: he does some commenting at his youtube post. Here’s how he approached the single-word/day issue:

I usually recited the sentence that had the day’s word in it, and possibly a bit of the next/previous sentence if I was near the end/beginning of one. I did a few day test run before I started last year and it became apparent that you needed to do that. While keeping the flow of a sentence right is a big reason to do it this way, it’s also amazing how much different a word can sound when said between two other words as opposed to just by itself. A lot of single syllable words are especially distorted/lost in regular speech. I found it pretty interesting.

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I don’t know Ben particularly, but his sister is a friend and was my wife’s bridesmaid. Sas. Ku. Toon. Or something :slight_smile:

1:49 hair spiked.

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