Watch 4WD Vanagons do things a VW bus shouldn't

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Back in High School, my buddy and I won a statewide competition with our short form video:

“The Best of the 101 Things to NOT do in your VW Bus”

If he ever digitizes it, I will definitely share. It wasn’t a synchro. It was a 25 year old camper with stock everything, and a gas heater because it came from AK. Good Times.


Yikes! Drive like that and you are guaranteed to have your curtains fall down and your bong is going to spill on your Grateful Dead blanket. Hmm… does that count as washing it?


2WD too! Thats just craaaaazy.

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Cool, but they’re using the wrong soundtrack for the video.

Those were some amazing shots.

Well ballenced vehicle isn’t it?

Nice! A few years ago I purchased a 1989 Vanagon Westfalia camper (I could, and still cannot, afford a Syncro).

It is about to go into the shop for a major refit: swapping 14" wheels with 16" with BFG AT KO2 tires, new axle, new brakes, swapping stock shocks with a set from Fox, and swapping the stock engine withe the 3.3L Subi SVX engine.

It may not be a Syncro, but it will have some off-road chops when I’m done.

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Loved seeing this on BB today!! Congrats to B_Dawg on the motor swap. Smart move!
BTW BB, it’s “Syncro” not “Synchro”. Please fix. :slight_smile:
I love mine so much I named my cat Syncro!

My '89 Westfalia Syncro w/ 81K original miles is for sale. Jr. is taller than me now; we’ve outgrown it.

I’ve always wanted one of those vans so bad it hurts! Check out this lucky French guy & his find of a 1955 VW, it made me insanely jealous ( One day…

Damn it Weisberger! Now I want this!

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