Watch: A bee is born


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wow, awesome


Absolutely beautiful and rather disturbing (like everything else that exists).


I’m with you. Simultaneously neat and horrifying.


Yea, one thought that I often have that affects me the same way: If you think about it in sheer numbers, the insect wold is actually the normal one – the big mammal perspective is by far the minority view. The trillions of pointy, hairy, alien-looking insects are the normal ones here on earth,


nice. taken further, the single cell organisms have been ruling this rock for eons, and will continue to do so until the sun novas.

neat music, too!


I was kind of worried for them since they appear to have some kind of mite infestation.


Apparently by gnawing through the barrier that separates our reality from one vastly more terrifying; and then allowing their corporeal manifestation to harden enough for use…


Yeah, it’s Varroa. It’s rather unavoidable. You can control them with chemicals but only in certain times of hive’s lifecycle (eg. not before you harvest honey).


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