Watch a catastrophically failing aluminum extruder open a gateway to hell

there’s a hot half? i get cool and still frozen.

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Demogorgon? Are you Surtain?

I thought he was grabbing his lunch pail.

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Paging Derek Lowe



I can just imagine the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) going down like a game of D&D, with someone like, “You’d have to roll 20 three times in a row for that to happen!”


The guy at left with the blowtorch must have been confused for a second, as the first explosion is almost simultaneous as he lights the torch — “Did I do that?” Amazingly, the tank he momentarily wanted to move (good first impulse) didn’t explode, but its hose was on fire in the last few frames! I can’t tell but I hope it wasn’t acetylene.


WTF??? Local police involved in a very specific technical event. Do they think they can shoot it, because that’s the only thing US police seem to do these days.


i think the fire suppression system tried to kick in at 20 seconds but was insufficient or just overwhelmed by the inferno.

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No kidding. If I ever have to wade into gunfire / a burning building / an argument between cousins, I want armor made out of whatever that camera’s made of.


Rapid unscheduled disassembly of the entire building.


Whoever hired Stephen Dorff and Louis Tripp didn’t bother to check references, did they?

And what are US police doing in Seville?

Numbering about 37,000 individuals in 1986, municipal police officers are generally trained only with pistols and in a few smaller municipalities the local police do not routinely carry weapons whilst on normal duty.
Municipal police (Spain) - Wikipedia


Maybe he needed to call his boss to ask if he could leave early, in case he got fired for taking an unscheduled break.

Oh wait, this wasnt amazon


Based on the questionably well-advised drop ceiling I suspect that there may be a fair bit for the postmortem team to pick through; but I’m surprised that this isn’t a situation where combustion resistant hydraulic fluids would have been mandatory.

My layman’s understanding is that the oil-based ones are preferred for minimal corrosion and some lubrication effect without a bunch of fancy additive chemistry required to get the same things out of water-based or polymeric organosilicon options; but when you are extruding pieces of hot metal having a failure mode that sprays oil with a suitably low flashpoint all over the place, and the workpiece, seems like something to avoid even at considerable cost.


Hands down the best technically-not-Jonny-Cash telling you about occupational hazards video ever.

Also, do not try to remove a bulldozer blade without due precautions; the scene where that guy’s hand ends up…exceeding its mechanical limits…while occupying the place where a big, chunky, steel pin ought to have been really stuck with me.


The old school ones that were really hot, with the crispy crust. (They assumed that people would be picking them up, driving home, eating the rest of the meal, and then eating the pie, and they wanted it to still be really hot.)

Standard hydraulic equipment would be used because it’s cheap and easy to maintain. Factory equipment is designed primarily around efficiency and maintenance costs, not unlikely failure modes. The latter is what insurance is for.

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I hope their company provides new underwear and pants. Holly ****.

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