A tall smokestack collapsed on an excavator, and a drone filmed it


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Who is doing their graphics placement? That person needs to be in a different job.


Don’t things normally fall/collapse in the direction from which they are weakened? As in chopping down a tree, excavation, etc.


The placement of that ad is so stupid, it’s actually impressive.

Seems the video can be found in lots of other places on YouTube, though:



I promise that’s not a Rickroll.


Yes, but not everything always goes according to plan…


Funny, I was just saw a bit of this bit about robot digger drivers from Japan:


At the time I was thinking it was cool, but I wasn’t sure of the applications. Now I know.


I was yelling at the screen: “Take the lower third out!”

Freaking local news.


“2.6 million pounds of rubble.”

He should play the lottery, and thank his lucky stars.


Video link for the BBS.


This is one of those times when using remotely activated explosives would have been a good idea.


It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. I recall a similar incident here in BC about 20 years ago, and the operator just had time to look up, and he wasn’t so lucky he didn’t make it.


This is one of those times when reading the fine article would have been a good idea. The heavy machinery was brought in after two failed attempts with explosives.


The machinery being used is an excavator, not a backhoe.


I was corrected on this difference by a 4-year old once. I’m not going to make that mistake again.


third times a charm?


If explosives don’t solve your problem, use MORE explosives.
Repeat until problem solved.


Hey I know, how about I’ll put our lower third banner directly over the primary action in this video. I think that’s a great idea.


If you put the film on first, maybe it will stay fresh.


Someone who is trying to keep the real cause of the collapse secret, that’s who.