Watch a delightful interview with the stars of The Big Lebowski


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What? They forgot this guy!



Nobody [forgets about] the Jesus.


Guy’s a pederast, Dude.




I can’t believe they didn’t tell Buscemi to shut the fuck up when he started to answer.



It’s good knowing they’re out there, still takin’ 'er easy for all us sinners.

When they talk about the rehearsal you can just see how tempted they are to say that it tied the film together.


Is it just me, or does PSH he look like a fat Matt Damon in The Big Lebowski?


You know characters are great when the reference them even in My Little Pony.


Needs more Julianne Moore.


I’ve never actually seen the movie. It was one of the choices on the last airplane I took, so I was finally going to, but the sound didn’t work reliably on the airplane headphones (unlike the other movies), and it didn’t seem like watching it with subtitles was the right choice.


It’s unlikely you will have a mediocre response to it. It’s either going to be amazing, or you’re going to not like it. If you’re on boingboing… chances are you will like it. :smiley:


It’s a very good movie. I highly recommend. It also has a lot of good re-watch value.

It’s got a lot of fun 1990s quirks. You can see the 90s really were a transitional time into the world we live in today.


It’s just you, although they do have some facial features in common.


wow - Goodman looks thinner than Bridges now!


The interviewer-- was he really the best choice for a feature on a “quirky/offbeat cult-classic” movie?

There’s something relentlessly average about that guy. I dont know his name, even though he’s been around for decades. Even if tell you his name – Harry Smith – you wont believe it (because its so relentlessly average) and, even if you do, you’ll forget it by the time I finish this sentence.


Which, as the host of a network TV morning show, makes him a quirky and offbeat character to an audience that’s assumed to be more relentlessly average. I guarantee you that NBC got calls and e-mails after the segment tut-tutting him for indulging those three potty-mouths.

In this instance, his blandness worked for me. His initial questions were uninspired, and then he sort of vanished into the upholstery while the three stars of the film reminisced and joked.


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