'The Big Lebowski' turns 20


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I’m pretty sure I saw this go by on the BBS:

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski: One of the Lamed Vovnik?


“You’re lucky they left the tape deck though, and the Creedence” at 1:28

Maybe you were thinking of Walter’s undies?




Most quotable movie of all time in my household…


Do you live in a “smart” home?


Is it a bad sign I quote from this movie the most?


NOPE! not one bit.


What did Mister.44 look like at like 21? The Dude, only he wore jeans and KMFDM or black t-shirts a lot.


It really ties the room together.


I’ve got a friend who looked like The Dude 20 years ago. I told him so, he disagreed and complained a little.

The following Halloween, he dressed up (down?) as The Dude.


Well, he is a righteous Dude (certainly more than Ferris Bueller). Truly a role model for all men.


That’s just like, your opinion, man.


My wife Laurie has never seen this film. When I gave her my synopsis she said ” Oh, its a GUY movie. ”.


Well yes but a well scripted and worth seeing guy movie.


she’s got no frame of reference dude


That’s just, like, her opinion, man. But give it another try, telling her it’s actually a “re-defining what it means to be a guy” movie. Seriously.


Thanks for reminding me that I’m old.


I tried showing The Big Lebowski to my 21-year-old nephew. We did not make it very far, as he was annoyed with the constant use of the word “dude”.

These young people…


If he didn’t like dude, he could have gone with his Dudeness … Duder … or El Duderino, if, you know, he’s not into the whole brevity thing