FCC chairman Ajit Pai receives heaps of insults after tweeting about his love for The Big Lebowski


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/07/fcc-chairman-ajit-pai-receives.html



That’s the best take-off on Obey Giant that I’ve ever seen. And better than the original, at that.


You’re not wrong Ajit. You’re just an asshole.


Ajit, you peed on net neutrality, man! It really tied the internet together.


I don’t know where it first appeared, but I know that the first time I saw this it was painted on the hood of a 24 hours of Lemons car.

Found it.


It’s like he’s trying too hard to be cool… or at least appear like he’s not a giant douche.


Ain’t working.

Actions speak louder than tweets. Not that a shill like Pai would grok the difference.


Ajit, shut the fuck up; you’re out of your element.


A trumpstain like Pai doesn’t ever want anyone to watch The Big Lebowski again without the stupid overdubbing in the corvette vandalism scene: “Do you see what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps, Larry?”

Ajit Pai is not a man for his time.


Kind of funny that he loves a movie about a man that would quite literally oppose everything Pai has ever said.


One of the few redeeming qualities of Twitter is that it provides a platform for neoconservative douchebags to learn that the artists and creators they admire actually hate them. I really hope the Coen Brothers or Jeff Bridges send Pai an appropriate response.

Or better yet, John Goodman.


They should all send him lovely little videos of them smashing giant Reese’s coffee mugs. :smiley:


Oh yea? Kid Rock doesn’t hate them! And that cat scratch dude!


Aside from the fact that this guy is an asshole, he looks like an asshole. He has a full on ‘dickface’. I mean, just look at him.


On the flipside, he probably thought that “Cat in The Hat” was Oscar material.


Fuckin fascist!


This has to be the character that Pai admires most:


Brandt actually had a heart; not his fault Mr Lebowski never let him have any fun.


I like the fan theory (sparked by an observation by Roger Ebert) that Brandt is The Big Lebowski’s illegitimate son, kept on the payroll to avoid a scandal. It puts an interesting perspective on both what you say and Brandt’s desperate sucking up to a rich and powerful boss.