Today, a DC appeals court hears arguments on whether Ajit Pai's act of neutricide will stand


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They need to nail Pai to the wall, at the very least for his arrogance and gleefulness over this.




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I believe it’s from “American Psycho.” It’s always what I picture when I hear nailing someone to the wall.


I’m pretty sure it’s from American Psycho as well, although I haven’t watched it.

Mainly I’m not a fan of that image because of how fucked up it is; it makes me a bit sick to be honest.

And in this instance, nailing Ajit Pai to the wall is a very desirable thing. Him and his oversized novelty mug.


a stark reminder to me that the list of things that trump has fucked up has become way too long to keep in my head…


In the interest of brevity, f*ck that guy.


I’m confused. If the repeal of Net Neutrality is overturned does that mean any new phones I purchase in the US can work with any network? I heard that works great in every other part of the world especially Europe and Asia.

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