Ajit Pai says the FTC is will guard against ISPs abusing a world without Net Neutrality, but the FTC had no authority to act in history's most prominent telcoms abuses


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/12/sorry-not-sorry-2.html


Pretty soon Pai is going to have to defend all of this flaming BS in court. That’s going to be a great day. I suggest you all buy stock in popcorn companies in the next few weeks, because I’m gonna make you all rich.


Oh, you mean the same courts Trump is stacking with incompetent and ultra conservative judges? (Lifetime appointments.)


A fair concern, but the case would be appealed in the DC Circuit Appeals Court. Trump has appointed only one judge (Katsas) to that court, who is currently low man on the totem pole there. The current Chief on that court is a fairly liberal judge, Anna Blackburne-Rigsby, who would be exceptionally unlikely to allow that judge anywhere near this case due to his on-record statements that basically say “let Trump do whatever he wants”.

This appeals court has a good pro-Net Neutrality record, and the composition of the court has had basically no changes other than Katsas since the last major decision a few months ago.

It should be fine.


Not to worry. I’m sure this is an unintended consequence the Congress will presently address. They only have our best interests at heart.


A Republican apparatchik and Big Business puppet needs to deal with facts because?


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