AT&T to the Supreme Court: "Fuck the FTC"


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Dommerdoodle to the interwebs court of public opinion: “Fuck AT&T”


In AT&T’s view, the FTC has no authority to regulate telcos, because, uh, well, because if they can’t regulate telcos then AT&T is off the hook for having defrauded America.

That can’t be all. They do have an argument, however specious, don’t they?


which is funny to me, as AT&T has decent 4G speeds even after the cap. Verizon on the other hand, it like pushing a wheelbarrow of bricks across a muddy field when their cap is hit.


I think that’s it: Here is our specious argument, FTC. On the reverse side are the job offers for your post-regulatory careers.


I don’t think the Supreme Court will go for that one.


For the life of me, I don’t understand why BoingBoing lets Cory post about legal issues. Every time he does, he beclowns himself.

AT&T’s argument isn’t about “fuck you,” it’s about the statutory limits on the authority of the FTC. I have no idea whether that argument is right or not, because I don’t practice that kind of law. But it isn’t “get bent and go away lest we lose money.”


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