FCC says AT&T must pay $60 million for slowing data on unlimited mobile plans

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Better than nothing. What would be better than that would be price controls for telecoms that use tax subsidized infrastructure and land so these rat bastards don’t just pay their fines by nickle-and-diming their customers with obfuscated bullshit fees.


In other words, AT&T has to pay one day’s worth of their pocket change. That fine isn’t even a charade. It’s a travesty.


Ugh. I’m working on dropping them. I had a grandfathered corporate plan that was unlimited for the entire family. Then it somehow changed to unlimited for the primary holder… which kinda worked except for throttling. Made me so mad.

Then, when I was out of the country, the store scammed my wife into a new limited plan. Insisted it’d be cheaper and better, and that the DirectTV bundle was free (it wasn’t, it’s the one contract I can’t break out of even though we don’t watch TV and haven’t for two decades). Ended up with something like $550/mo bill.

This is such a slap on the wrist.


what’s the point of the small fine? who gets the $$$ ? not the ones affected by AT&T.


AT&T used to scam me all the time when I was their customer. This is no surprise. Also, I never understood why people signed into a contract with cell service. That’s like when you move to a new neighborhood signing a contract with the local gas station that you always have to use them for 2 years. Never made any sense to me.

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Not the first time they’ve done this and not the first time they have been caught.

The FTC is not the FCC and the headline should be fixed too.

wow, a whole $60 million! i bet they’ll think twice before doing that, again! /s

i’m guessing that’s like your average person getting a speeding ticket with a fine that’s a fraction of a cent…

I think corporations that defraud their customers ought to pay not a fine, but a substantial portion of their ownership to the government. They might be more motivated not to rip people off if it cost them a 20% stake in the company on a case like this.

I like this idea. Or maybe start handing off their shares from top shareholders to their customers.

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