U.S. FTC sues AT&T over mobile data throttling


Wow, didn’t realize FTC was pro consumer. Something is amiss…


AT&T was probably late on their payment…


So … car thieves are prudently managing their transportation resources.

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Maybe it’s just a setup, and the last page of the complaint says “syke!”

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Carnac the Magnificent predicts Randall Stephenson’s future…

Oh, Ms Ramirez, will you just…

I’ve been on a grandfathered AT&T unlimited plan for about 6 years now… and just in the last couple of months they’ve been screwing with me. I’m not even sure, given my data usage, this unlimited plan actually still makes sense… but I’m loath to give it up just because AT&T clearly hates it so much…


I am in the exact same boat. I blow through my allotted 5 gigs regularly and in response they make my phones internet unusable. They say I should change plans. I say they should go fuck themselves. I was actually told that “having an unlimited data plan didn’t mean i got unlimited data. It means that they just can’t charge me when I go over my 5 gigs/month.” I told them that that was not the definition of unlimited to which they replied “but that is our definition of unlimited.”

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If there’s one bit of sanity that I’d like to see fall out of all of this it would be for the FTC to put in place a rule that defines “unlimited” in the same fashion as a common dictionary, and prohibits cell carriers/ISPs from putting an asterisk and tiny paragraph of poorly contrasted print in their contracts/information pages which attempts to define “unlimited” as something less than what it’s commonly understood to mean.


Unlimited means limited? What a country!

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Ok, we probably all know how much B.S. that statement is, but let’s imagine for a moment that the statement is true.

That means AT&T is selling something they don’t actually have and that they see no problem with it.


Why do you stay with them?

If by “network resources” you mean “dictionary definitions of English words” then ok.

AT&T is one sleazeball company. Around here we have a true Hobson’s choice: AT&T or Comcast. But AT&T has lately been sending door to door salesmen through my neighborhood who have been clearly instructed to lie. I’ve been told AT&T no longer imposes data caps on U-verse. I’ve been told I have fiber optic running right into my home (and he was mystified when I asked him to show me the cable). I don’t know why anybody does business with these guys. They’re pure evil. Comcast is not that great but they never actively lied to me.

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It’s just ramped up in about the last month and I’ve been too damned busy to take the time to get both of our phones swapped over.

If haven’t caught Crapcast lying to you yet, then count yourself fortunate.

I use business class. They seem to treat us nicer.

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