T-Mobile pitches unlimited, no-charge global data roaming plan


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I’m in. The data roaming nonsense has long been the seedy underbelly of the mobile industry, with cosy cross-border agreements and laughing execs spurting coffee out of their noses as they giggle at the gargantuan revenue streams from all but the most finickety folk.

It started with text messaging, and when data came along, why, it just looked “so easy”! And it was.

Go T-Mobile!

I’m guessing this is only for T-Mobile USA, i.e. T-Mobile UK customers will still get royally stiffed with roaming charges.

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Ugh, I wish I could get more than an Edge data signal from T-Mobile at my house in downtown Cincinnati.


Exactly. I considered switching from ATT but read the fine print in the T-mobile data service plan. Once you are off their network, the cheap plan has a 200 MB cap on non-Tmobile traffic! So I’m stuck with ATT’s superiour coverage and expensive data plan for now.

RE the headline: the word “pitch”, used as a verb, can mean “promote” and can also mean “discard”. It’s also easily confused with “ditch”. All in all, it’s not a great choice for the purpose.

It’s a beautiful dream. However, here in suburban Boston (and from traveling, elsewhere) the reality for my family has been terrible coverage. While we’ll lose “unlimited”, we can grimace and return to AT&T’s loving embrace for an extra $20/mo, where we’ll have decent coverage and subsidized new iPhones. T-mo has not been an acceptable escape plan for us.

Looks like the unlimited roaming data is limited - to 2G speeds. Higher speeds are available for a fee. Also, oddly, “texts sent by wifi” cost 20¢ each. That seems bizarre.

When a company promoting a new product, the word pitch is exactly the right choice.

The reality for me – for voice coverage, anyway – has been that T-Mobile has covered almost everywhere I’ve been, with the usual smallish points on the highway or inside a commercial building where you’re shielded from all available towers. And their prepaid plan has definitely been the cheapest way to go for the way I use the phone; typically under $50/year.

Can’t vouch for data services. I don’t expect to ever use them; one can usually find a wifi connection to push data through at lower cost and higher bandwidth.

It remains to be seen whether T-Mobile can provide any kind of quality customer service. The time I spent using their service involved constantly being made to understand that they simply did not care if something was not working properly.

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