Kick your cell plan to the curb with this six-month deal for less than $9 a month

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Anyone use Tello? Or have good reasons not to use them?

At 2G speeds everything will be so painfully slow you won’t want to use it anyway so there’s that.

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My wife and I use Tello. It’s great. We have wireless at home, and I have free wireless at work, so we barely use our data.

Well, there’s that. But you can add a GB for $5 per month, and if you’re on a free wireless network (home, library, etc.) it doesn’t count against your data package.


That’s helpful. Thanks!

I basically have the same plan, less international calls for $45 a month, with the evil Verizon. Besides Sprint doesn’t have service up in the Sierra foothills.

From their terms: “Roaming is not available, and our Service can not be used outside US territory.” Phones on Sprint plans roam on Verizon, which is vital when you leave Sprint’s paltry coverage area.

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