America's best mobile carrier is also the first phone company to back Right to Repair legislation

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Tucows hosts 8chan as well as my local KKK’s domain. Your recommendation would’ve had me on Ting in a heartbeat if I hadn’t already tried to dox the local bigots.


I never heard a TING about them.




Thank you! I’ll be here all week folks!


I’ve started using the google option ( Good rates plus free international travel. So far (2 wks) no problems.

Two years no problems for me.

With Google Fi and the right phone, you switch dynamically between carriers. My phone uses Sprint at home and switches to T-Mobile at work. With Ting, your choice of phone dictates one or the other; there’s no switching.

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Got excited, checked them out, saw that the data and everything is metered out in gigs and minutes and number of texts and all that (what is this, 2008?). My bill would be higher than the $80 I pay TMobile (oops, “Tmobile” in Doctorow speak). :slight_smile:

Oh well.

Ting does have a calculator that shows you whether you’ll likely save money over a different provider/plan. The main savings come if you have 2+ phones on the same account (e.g. a household) and mostly are in areas where you have WiFi access. I end up saving $20-$30/month, on average, over my earlier provider (T-mobile directly). But it depends on your usage etc.

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