New component adds cellular networking to DIY projects


I’ll love this if it eventually goes to 4G with options for larger data packages.

This is a great development. But even though $3 per month is less than one cup of premium coffee, it is still relatively expensive. A low-end smartphone plan can be had for $40 per month providing unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of 4G data per month (not 2G or 3G). That works out to approx $.02 per megabyte or 1/150th the cost of this plan. For a while I had a 1st gen Nexus 7 on T-Mobile but then cancelled. They still give me 200 MB per month for free - probably hoping I’ll use it and go over the limit so they can sock it to me. FreedomPop ( has a plan giving 500 MB per month that is free.

There are slightly different usecases between this and your personal cell phone.


This doesn’t seem new. Cell companies have offered USB dongles to access data for ages.

That, and there are all sorts of embedded cellular modules for M2M communication out there.
Example here:

That said, this thing is quite small and one of the less expensive offers in this field.

My subjective rating: Cool.

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With those kind of low price monthly fees?

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