AT&T throttles "unlimited" data speeds during offpeak hours


Well why the hell not? Why not just make up whatever contracts they want? They’re AT&T.


John Oliver called it “cable company fuckery” but all the big telcos are equally shitty.


Bait & Switch

I’m sure they have some sort of weaselly words in their contracts that are sure to specify that speeds are not guaranteed.


Anything with limitations on it isn’t unlimited. Not sure why anyone finds that hard to understand.

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There are unlimited limitations available on this contract.

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It’s unlimited DATA, not unlimited SPEED. :stuck_out_tongue: You can download as much as you want, just good luck trying to do so when they’re throttling your speed all the time.

And to be fair, while @beschizza’s summary makes it sound like they are throttling all unlimited customers all the time, that’s not actually the case - they’re only throttling customers after they reach certain bandwidth thresholds (3gb for non-LTE customers, and 5gb for LTE customers). Still a dick move, but not the dick move implied by the BB summary.

If your Speed is limited, you can’t use as much Data as you want because there’s a LIMIT on how much it’s possible to get in the billing period. (DUH!) It’s bullshit, as plain and simply as it’s possible to be.

Well, since it’s impossible to get infinite speed, your data is always limited by the speed that you are currently getting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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