Arrogant overreach: Ajit Pai's plan to totally destroy net neutrality may doom him in court


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“I want my Internet subscription experience to be more like my cable TV subscription experience” said no sane person, ever.


A fox in every hen house.

As Elizabeth Warren told Congress, no wonder the American people think the system is stacked against them… It is!


Is Chancellor Palpatine behind this?


He’s a real piece, Ajit. Ajit Pai does not sound very appealing.


“Ajit has internet, if you have coin…”


All well and good, but why attack his children. That just seems vile


Uh, who’s attacking his children, where?


Arrogant overreach: Description of 2017.


That’s because the Supreme Court has held that a federal agency contemplating a significant change in policy must “examine the relevant data and articulate a satisfactory explanation for its action.”

Ah, but which Supreme Court? The New, Improved Supreme Court™ might just say, “yea, well, whatever, go ahead.”

And that’s if Trump doesn’t get to replace Ginsberg.


The solution is to spilt up broadband monopolies across the country into smaller companies that compete for customers by offering them value and service. That should save net neutrality once and for all.


Thank you Cory. This is the first intelligent commentary that I’ve seen regarding the ‘nonsense’ that’s going on in D.C. Let’s hope that some common sense (and our Constitution ) will actually be able to protect our incredibly valuable internet.


It better.


I hope they actually try to do something like this.

I’ve given up on fighting for net neutrality for now. I’m waiting for a more sane administration to take control and rebuild everything that’s being destroyed.

Of course the next President will likely just tear it all down again, but so it goes.


And this is actually going to happen?


He means Ajit Pai’s telcom industry kickbacks. Pretty sure Ajit looks at his ill-gotten loot, tents his fingers, and says, “Yes, my children, come to daddy…”


For those who don’t remember, Justice Gorsuch’s mom was Ann Burford, Reagan’s Chief Administrator of the EPA who tried to roll back most of its authority. I suspect the apple probably learned his foundational views on regulation from the tree.


I made an attempt at photoshopping for the first time and turned your comment into a meme. Just thought I’d share a link here:


Simple solution.
If we did not have a Verizon lawyer working against our interests, that would make perfect sense.
There is a petition circulating asking him to step down, but the people’s voice does not matter in a plutocracy.


Yeah, about that.

(And about that: )