Ajit Pai made a funny: leaked video shows his presentation at the Telecom Prom where he "pretends" to be a Verizon shill


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/09/literal-mustache-twirling.html

The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes

Great. Apparently we’ve been in the Onionverse long enough that it’s gone recursive.



I thought everyone knew he was!


Please, America, stop screwing it up for the rest of us.





I’m sure this gives a lot of material for a psychologist. I think it’s Pai’s cognitive dissonance that compels him to do the skit. He’s trying to communicate: You all say I’m a shill. But would an actual shill do a skit where he portrays himself as a shill?   To which, I’d reply: You might, Ajit, you might…


That’s hysterical, Ajit. How come no one is laughing except you and your friends at Verizon?


Ajit Pai, supplier of agitprop?


Ha, ha, ha! It’s funny because it’s true! /ragestroke


His name even evokes a character in a dystopian knock-off Hunger Games straight from the YA novel clearance bin.


And zero effort has been made to apprehend whoever is responsible for the million-odd identity thefts resulting in fraudulent emails in support of repealing net neutrality. One million felonies.


That song must have been expensive to license.

Or did he just pirate it?


Well, looks like the plan worked just dandy.


These folks don’t cease to amaze me in their apparent total inability to comprehend how they look and sound, or the total lack of fuck they give about it.


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