Mark Hamill on the new Star Wars






Woah! Luke Skywalker is looking more like Charles Bukowski these days.


Isn’t it surprising when people don’t stay 20? My mirror, for example.


The 1979 film was great. Ever since, with the sequels, the remasters, the prequels and now this, it just feels like it’s been wallowing in it’s own tepid bathwater.
Pull the fucking plug out already. You’re getting wrinkly.


I thought now that Lucas is out of the picture they could drop the weird beard obsession without hurting his feelings.


after seeing kevin smith’s video talking about his experiences on set, i’m officially excited about this. it’ll be good to say hello again to old friends.


I want to see Carrie’s contractually obligated beard.


Here ya go…


Oliver Reed?


Technically, isn’t she the beard there?


Of course it’s not surprising, but for some reason it makes me sad when I see my childhood and teenage icons aging. I’m pretty much OK with MY aging, but for some reason it hits me harder when I see them age.


I don’t recall a 1979 Star Wars movie…


My mirror is more than 20


I applaud his fanboy enthusiasm, but I hope they don’t actually use any of Kevin Smith’s ideas. Particularly the “Adventures of time-traveling Boba Fett” plot that he came up with as a kid playing with action figures.


“…and we asked this homeless man for a comment.”


That’s exactly what I thought earlier when I saw it come up in a Facebook feed. “Who’s this hobo?”


I’m a few years off. 1977 apparently.


The Dude?


Please tell me that they include more Jay & Silent Bob.