Carrie Fisher: she, Ford, and Hamill due on Star Wars set soon


Jesse Plemons will always be Landry, from Friday Night Lights, in my heart.

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The script is complete?

Leia: hey look a bad guy doing bad things. Blast them!
Pew pew pew, boom, crash, pew pew, someone dies, someone lives, end movie.

Or perhaps…
Luke: Vader, I am your father! Blast them! Pew pew pew, boom, crash, someone dies, someone lives, end movie.

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Aren’t you a little old for a Stormtrooper?


Not excited until Billy Dee Williams is confirmed.


Cautiously. Optimistic.

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I hope it’s a screwball comedy-- the last good “Star Wars” movie was “Spaceballs.”


I find your lack of lack of faith . . . disturbing.


Use the Force, bitch.

After the horrific abortion that was the prequels, there really is nowhere to go but up. I thought that after the Xmas special, but nope, I think the ultimate nadir was whathisface protovader trying to emote about Natalie Portman in the most stilted, awkward ‘smoldering’ manner possible.

Get a few good actors in there, tell an exciting story. Don’t let any big creatures step in poo and keep the product and toy marketers at bay until after the story is complete and they might be able to pull it off.

Regardless, I have an 8 year old and 5 year old boy. I’ll be going, probably more than once. The quality will just determine whether I bring a book with me.

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slave girl Leia bikini!!! ummm, maybe not.

Hamill had an ama on reddit today.

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