Carrie Fisher to appear in Star Wars Ep. IX, with Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams

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I wonder if this is a huge financial gain for the studio, or if they have agreed to pay her estate for the on screen time.

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On the one hand, it would be weird to just omit her character from the next movie entirely since she’s the only remaining high-ranking officer in the whole Resistance. On the other hand any inclusion of Fisher feels like grave robbing.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all, but it’s a shame they didn’t give Leia a great send-off in The Last Jedi by letting her be the one who did that hyperspace kamikaze maneuver instead of Laura Dern.


And Benicio del Toro? Speaking of, is there a movie where he and Brad Pitt play brothers? Because there should be. The older they get, the more they look alike. Took me about five minutes to be sure of which one it was in The Last Jedi.

As to CGI characters: I found CGI-Cushing in Rogue One to be serviceable, but the brief shot of CGI-Fisher definitely fell into uncanny valley.


As it fucking should be god dammit.

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Whoa, you’re right. What a visual.


Imagine how much Brad would look like Benicio if they started dating.


I thought they should have had her vanish, robes collapsing slowly, as Luke disappeared.


They should also do that. But not in the movie, that would be weird. Unless maybe it was the Akbar and Jeff movie.



I hope they give Denis Lawson a cameo. One last chance to even out the number of times they misspelled his name in the credits.


Indeed, I’d have gone for her being mortally wounded by the First Order attack, and then taking the helm for a final charge. Either Leia, or Admiral Ackbar.

“You think that this is the end of the Rebellion? You are wrong. Do you know what this is? This is a trap!” [cue silent destruction of the First Order fleet]

Carrie’s daughter agreed to this and yes she [daughter] is getting all the royalties. So the apoplectic hand wringing can stop…

Plus: May the force be with you.


Her daughter is on board, so that’s good enough for me.

And I hope for the best, but Peter Cushing’s estate was on board for his digital resurrection for Rogue One and I thought that was creepy as heck.

Best case scenario: it turns out that Fisher already filmed a tasteful exit scene for The Last Jedi that ended up getting cut but actually fits perfectly into the narrative of Episode IX. Seems unlikely though.

Sounds like they specifically avoided that this time. They used footage from the previous film that had been cut.


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I mean, agreed. We won’t really know until we see it how well it works.

Hollywood actually has a pretty long track record on this kind of thing. Usually not with great results, unfortunately.

Below: Ed Wood’s attempt to distract audiences from the fact that Bela Lugosi died before the filming of Plan 9 From Outer Space and the only shots that showed his character’s face were from unrelated footage Wood happened to have on hand.


But to be fair, that was Ed Wood, one of the worst directors of all time. Johnson is a bit better than that, I’d argue.

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Like you said, I guess we just have to wait and see!

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