Mark Hamill talks about filming Luke's scene in 'The Mandalorian'

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It was pure cinematic majesty, a fitting closing scene to a great show. Dear Wife and I will re-watch the entirety this Winter.


I watched the show 3 months after it ended and I was still surprised by the final episode. Thanks, everybody who covers up spoilers in the What You Watchin’ thread.


I was hugely surprised, but I don’t watch trailers for stuff I already know I’m going to watch. It makes the experience sooooo much better when as little as possible has been spoiled ahead of time. I don’t understand people complaining about not being surprised yet they consume every trailer, blog post and tweet about a movie or show before it’s released.


I try to do the same thing. Once I’ve decided I’m going to watch that show / movie or play that game, I go into media blackout to the extent that I can. I ended up watching every episode of last season at 6am before I turned on my phone so I wouldn’t have to worry about all the “can you believe ______ happened [spoliers]” type articles.

I’ve been in and seen lots of debates on spoiler culture, and I don’t think there’s a “right” answer to whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. I have my opinions, but it’s not worth another spin on the merry-go-round for me. Do what works best for you, I guess.

[Edit] - this last wasn’t a comment about what @carterdavis said, just a general “there are no winners in discussing the merits of spoilers” battle.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…, far away but very small.

The StarWars universe is so small. Everything is so compressed, and as the franchise moves along, it seems to spend too much time explaining every single aspect that wasn’t explained in the previous movies.

I trust that actors can act. I love that he reprised his roll, and I am saddened that the favorites have been killed off one by one as though Order/Protocol 66 must be employed on all older extant characters as a marketing and storytelling technique.

It isn’t that I don’t appreciate all the work done and put into the universe, it is just sometimes, like the real world, there are chunks of history and facts that we never learn about, and is left up to head-canon.

I love that he is still around, but I am also fine with new actors playing already existing characters. I am fine with actors acting, and using their skill combined with good writing, and amazing costuming, props and effects to convince me that I am in another galaxy, far, far away.


i feel it was so meticulously planned, handled and filmed that it’s one of the best moments in the history of the franchise, right up there with the opening of the original movie, the big reveal in Empire, and the end of Jedi (both Jedi films, actually). i still tear up watching it, and probably always will.


I was certainly surprised. I had no idea. Not until he turned on his light saber.

The Mandalorian has done a lot to energize the franchise again. And I think what’s best and loveliest about it was it did it not by concentrating yet again on the characters we grew up with, but on new people and new stories. Yet bringing in moments like Luke in the season finale also provides a bridge and a touch stone to the original series we loved so much. So yes, please give us more stories outside the Skywalker canon. But once in a while… sure, give us those beautiful easter eggs.


I would like to think that Grogu’s absence in the sequel trilogy was due to dropping out of Luke’s Jedi academy to follow in his foster dad’s footsteps

Bounty Hunter Grogu subdues his prey through technology, The Force and the unstoppable power of ADORBS


I would have been surprised when I saw it, but the day before the Youtube algorithm suggested a video some assholes posted about how the de-aging effects were done… with the spoiler in the title and thumbnail. Still pissed off about it.

In Episode 10, R2-D2 keels over suddenly and his head pops off to reveal Grogu waking up from his nap, absently chewing at some wires. Force Ghost Luke then appears with his hands on his hips and says “…so THAT’s where you’ve been hiding, you little scamp!”


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