151 Easter eggs and cool connections in season 2 of The Mandalorian

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Ooo adding to my list to watch.

I just finished the last episode of S2 last night and I’ve got to say, I am disappointed. Luke freakin’ Skywalker fresh off his cameo in The Irishman? Ugh, why? I cannot comprehend how all of these aesthetically-minded people can look at that shit and say, “wow, you totally look 35 years younger!” They didn’t even bother to put the car accident scars he had in ESB.

I’ve been kind of on the fence about this series the whole time, but there are enough compelling characters to see it through. Now that it’s going to be a Skywalker story? I don’t know, I may have to give up.

Luke Skywalker was pretty clearly supposed to embody the return of the Jedi order. It was in a movie title and everything. So it makes narrative sense that any path for Baby Yoda/Grogu to be reunited with the Jedi at that point in the Star Wars timeline would probably involve encountering Luke sooner or later. It’s not like there were a whole lot of Jedi academies to choose from.


Space plastic surgery?

It’s also a TV show with out a movie budget. We have been blessed that the new immersive sound stage technology exists and is so good I keep questioning what is actually on location, and what is sound stage. Yeah, some times the characters look a bit pasted in environment, but I think the overall effects have been fantastic.

Yeah, the digital de-aging “make up” wasn’t perfect. It was just OK.

Yeah, 10 years after RotJ, who do we got left that would be the realm of Jedi Master? Ahsoka, who isn’t a Jedi and said she wasn’t up to the task, and Luke. While I too sometimes bemoan how we keep getting characters who we know bumping into people even though the galaxy is HUGE (the Young Indian Jones syndrome), I think it makes perfect sense in this case. And thus far, the Mandalorian has had a great blend of familiar and new.

Though an alternative ending is finding Grogu’s Aunt who runs a space diner at a space freighter stop, and he ends up being a space fry cook. Hey, he returned him to his family. And like many gifted children, ended up doing something way less grand than their potential.


Yeah, I get it. It was just so nice to have a story that didn’t involve their weird family dynamics. I still don’t really comprehend all that happened between ESB and the last three films.

Actually, I do. Death Star, again (I dug the “which one?” dig in the last ep). The whole Last Jedi, book burning, restoration storyline was just…

As a child I never would have thought my response to the end of the Jedi would be “Meh.”

Yeah, the effects so far have been pretty aces, but the de-aging thing is just awful. Awful. I couldn’t get through 45 mins of The Irishman. The only one I can recall working at all was Samuel L Jackson in Captain Marvel.

I guess that’s why I’m a little disappointed by the ending. I’d finally kind of found something of that youthful joy that the last 20 years have slowly erased for me. This has been a cool story with just enough involvement in the old stories to anchor it, yet a vignette of a world that almost exists independent of the Skywalker saga. Mando is cool. Bo Katan is cool. Cara Dune is dope AF. There’s a lot of story there.

ETA: This is, by far my longest Star Wars conversation in 15+ years. Thanks, nerds. :wink:


Did the TPS reports get done?


I want the next Star Wars spinoff to be a buddy comedy about the two hapless stormtroopers that Baby Yoda was knocking around. In my headcanon, they are the same guys who were patrolling Starkiller Base and abruptly decided to inspect a different hallway when they saw Kylo Ren was having his temper tantrum.




More Baby Yoda vs chowder, please.


Additional Star Wars spinoff idea: a galactic cooking competition show.

Kind of like Iron Chef except the secret ingredient is actively fighting for its life.


Good lord, I talk about it so much my GF made a Twtter account to document it…


Surprised we haven’t had a Chef Boyarde “canned space squid” yet.

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So… Iron Chef. First episode I saw was live Octopus.

Maybe they could get promoted to Scout Troopers?


Never watched the Mandalorian, does it have something to do with Midichlorians?

Yeah, Mandalorians are the next evolution of Midichlorians after you level them up from battling other Pokemon.


Other than a brief mention of “M-Count”, no, not really.

If you like space westerns, it is worth a watch.

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