One little problem with the Star Wars timeline


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Didn’t they used to teach in science class that astronauts age less?


Is the number of years really specified? Because I’ve always thought Luke was originally meant to be about fourteen. There are numerous clues: “Aren’t you a little short to be a Storm Trooper?”


I am no Star Wars super geek, but how does that hyper drive or whatever it is work…? If it really is just travelling close to the speed of light and not some sort of worm hole thing (as you can see, I am not science super geek, either), wouldn’t the amount of travel close to the speed of light affect the aging process with respect to others who are not doing as much near-light speed travel?


Do we know for sure they’re both the same species?

It’s funny how picking apart the Star Wars universe for all it’s inconsistencies is really a nerdy fan thing-- you’d expect the opposite: Star Wars fans defending the illogical quirks of the franchise instead of looking for holes.

I personally have given up on the whole Star Wars thing. . . unless someone notices a Klingon Warbird hidden in the rebel armada, or a vintage British Police Box in the background of the cantina scene.


It’s a geek thing.


Too soon?


why is this tumblr thread easier to look at/more complete when reposted as a (oneBox?) on bb than it is on tumblr itself. WTF with tumblr? timeline problems indeed.


I don’t think it can be a plot hole when it deals with the age of the humans playing a character.


Eventually, when a sufficiently young exec is in charge of Disney, you know what this sort of talk will lead to…

Reshooting IV - VI.


I thought they already did that, amirite?


Also, in the same time span, Anakin has gone from NOOOOOOOOOO to being Vader at his absolute most kickass. Which is arguably even less explicable…


Two suns. Hell on the skin.


Force use drains you.


Yes. But Star Wars has never been firm of sciencey stuff.


Well then there is your answer right there.


Easy to be evil when you are hiding behind a mask. Kind of like the Internet.


I think 20 years of murdering rebel scum is a pretty plausible reason for that character arc.


Star Wars timeline

Just in case you didn’t know, going to the movies is suspending reality, and frankly I like it that way.