Two wonderful GIFs of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill having fun on Star Wars sets


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I know the first one and have used it in my LJ before.
The second one is just plain adorable.
Thank you very much for the gifs.


That newsboy cap on Mark Hamill, man…wow.
And my god he is lean there; this reminds me that nowadays, actors have to have a certain amount of gym time before they’re allowed on set.


Was Luke old enough for a bevvie?


Not only that, but it was a steel can!


Probably - back then, the legal drinking age was 18 throughout the U.S.

Since most of the principal photography was done in Tunisia and London, probably ok there too.


The second one just reminds me of how much “hurry up and wait,” there is in ANY activity that involves coordinating 100s of people.


I’m not talking about Mark in the here and now, I’m talking about Luke a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Possibly ultrachrome.


Also has me thinking, “Stop flirting, Luke. That’s your sister.”


A movie set is the closest you can come to the old school feudal model of politics. Indispensable people can afford to relax on set, goof off, generally behave as humans. The vast majority of unseen, replaceable workers must suck it up and stay focused at all times; there’s just not enough shooting time in the day for everyone to act like this.


Well he’s supposed to be playing a young, naive farm boy/teenager. As an equivalent look at the guys they normally pick to play spider man. Though I think its kind of true that the jacked meathead lead for blockbusters/action flicks wasn’t a rule then. Think that came with the 80’s action boom, Arnold and Stalone. All sorts of production anecdotes about seeking out professional wrestlers, body builders, and other large non-professional actors for when large people were needed. Like David Prowse who filled the Vader suit.

What always strikes me with the original (especially having avoided all things Star Wars for a decade after the prequels) is just how boyish and Tiger Beat Hamill is about the face. I really don’t think you would have bought him as veteran pilot and fully formed Jedi without that motorcycle accident that jacked up his face. You see him for the first time in Empire and he looks like he’s seen some shit.

Plasteel. And is space beer blue like space milk?


Having not worked a movie set of this level, but certainly working on large productions of various sorts. That’s generally true. But any given team within the tech crew can still find them selves with some serious down time. Prop team is gonna set their shit. Then while there’s actual shooting going on prep for the next shot or re-set. Once that’s done a certain part of that team may just end up standing there waiting on the shot to finish. To sprint in and re-set. Camera and lighting crew (without a second unit) can’t necessarily pre-prep too much for the next shot. ETC. Hence hurry up and wait. Certain rolls get more of that obviously. An actor doesn’t need to “re-set” anything. And their prep is in working lines and reading scripts. But no body does as much standing around and waiting as the extras and very small roll actors. A full 8-12+ hour day waiting around to be randomly shuffled into a scene or deliver one line.


That reminds me that in 1976 the drinking age was 18 in most of the US.


Sometimes the “little people” are waiting around BECAUSE they’re important, but cheap. Like having set or wardrobe people right to hand to fix problems. Because it is cheaper to pay them to be available instantly rather than to have everything stop and everybody standing around because of a popped seam or broken piece of scenery.


Right and there are rolls that are explicitly about standing around and waiting to do one really important thing at the right moment. Like those prop/set people I mentioned. There are jobs in those teams where you set the scene. Then wait as they shoot a shot. Then immediately spring out to re-set. You’ve got to be standing and ready to go so that everyone else can move on as fast as possible. Which means you have to be waiting, not doing anything else. Safety techs, script assistants, and so on. Ton of pre-production/pre-shoot work. But once cameras roll you’re tapping your feet till its time to rapidly re-set so everyone else can do it again. Same as before. These are often specific jobs within a team. A PA or cheap team member might handle the lesser stuff, like changing batteries/tapes/record media. But there are rolls that, while cheaper than others on a crew, aren’t exactly cheap. A typical cinema camera crew has a camera assistant who’s only job is to pull focus. All he does is stand next to the camera man and man that focus ring. And he aint cheap, except compared to the camera man. I know guys who’ve been paid a few thousand an hour to pull focus (working with a camera man who makes 10’s of thousands). There are measurements to be taken between shots, and some prep work (often with PAs or less senior camera crew) but you will potentially stand around waiting to focus. And every crew, lights, electrical, sets props. Has those sorts of roles. They do one thing (along with the direct tasks needed for that one thing) to keep everything else working more efficiently. Sometimes its worth it to pay that one guy through the nose to wait so you’re not paying 50 other people through the nose to do so.


damn her death stings.


Technically, she wasn’t supposed to be his sister at the time.


How young they were. I feel like Yoda; and look like Jabba.


Not in California. Anyway, I thought that principal filming was in England.