Watch a dolphin knock a stand-up paddleboarder right off his board


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That dolphin totally just did that for fun.


An unambiguous statement: “Get a real hobby”


Hit the waves, surf-boy!



Dolphins are Jerks!


He said, “Watch this!” and butted him.
Or more precisely, “KKkkk Kek Kk KKKk kee kke!”


Is there a right of way protocol for surfing? I’ve never lived near an ocean nor surfed, so I have no experience with this. I would assume there’s some standard, no?


Looks like the dolphin did it on porpoise.


Hmmm 'Fa no love Pa indeed.


That’s totally a warning. This is their break, and dropping in is so not cool.


I mean, who hasn’t wanted to knock over a paddle-boarder?


Turf wars, or in this case, surf wars.


Internet, we have a winner …
(Someone give him a couple more likes)


“Hold my fish.”


Christ, what a blowhole!


To me the interesting thing is that while it looks perfectly deliberate, the dolphin also chose give him a shoulder check rather than just spear him with his beak as dolphins are known to do to sharks. The dolphin was looking to tweak him but not to hurt him.


Maybe he was an old dolphin, and this was his version of “Stay off my lawn, you damned kids!”


Maybe it was just a fluke.


Usually when dolphins attack, they’re careful to leave no witnesses.


Yep. Never trust an animal that grins all the time.