Gorgeous slo-mo footage of dolphins chasing a boat


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/17/gorgeous-slo-mo-footage-of-dol.html



Nature’s original surfer grommets.


Gorgeous indeed.

Now what’s up with that clearcut (?) in the background?


Got no puns for that one, it just looks magical. I am an absolute sucker for nature.


It looks like they’re doing it on porpoise.


You can see the spray of the end of their exhale as they come out, and easily imagine the big inhale right before re-entry. Love it.


Just when you think you’re out, they reel you back in…


Thanks for the share Boingboing! Have to point out though, while I was the producer, the amazing camera work was all down to Bevan Crothers :slight_smile:


Probably a block of cleared farmed forest (pinus radiata)

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