Watch: Thousands of dolphins stampede in front of a lucky whale-watching group

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Wouldn’t you be worried about what’s coming behind them that made them stampede?


Best guess, a Vogon Constructor Fleet.



Dolphin Coachella?

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Tickets just went on sale for Michael Cetacea?


It is '21, so we’re at the halfway point. Surveyors?


And they continue to go at high speed? Here’s hoping that none of them get chopped by those propellers…

I wonder if they did it on porpoise?


They’re so fast and agile, I’d be surprised if one did. They regularly just follow boats to dick around and ride the wake.

I saw this same thing just off Dana Point a few years ago. It’s super cool. Our teeny boat captain (the boat was teeny, not the captain, she was pretty tall) predicted where they’d show by using fishing sonar to find a giant school of prey fish booking it like hell, then we just kind of circled until the dolphins showed. They pack hunt, so I imagine in a large 3d environment the larger the pod, the better you can round up a huge school of fish.


A whale-watching group near Newport Beach, California hit the jackpot struck out on Monday when an estimated 2,000 dolphins no whales passed through.

Better luck next time.


I’m thinking this word is an onomatopoeia for large land animals “stamp”-pede.

Perhaps ‘splashpede’ would be more appropriate for dolphins!

Also, not wanting to alienate the “Aww Squeee” crowd but when it comes to reproductive behavior the males are very rapey

A “super pod.” I saw one, back in 1986. It was a mix of three different species of dolphin. It was like a moving shoal about 100 yards from front to back and maybe a mile wide. The numbers seen at the surface at any moment was mind boggling. Then again, I was told you multiply what you see by three to get closer to what’s really present. The Chief Scientist said it was better than some sex he had.

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Dolphin Undulatepede may not fly well as a movie title :thinking:
Where as “Super Pod” has Dolphsploitation action franchise written all over it!!

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And here was me… thinking that /s would not be necessary. :relaxed:

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“Super Pod.” Typical 80s-speak, you know? Good for the recent crop of “retro-set” movies and TV series.

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Took that as obviously implied :grin:

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