Watch a fascinating survey of architect Jean Nouvel's famous projects

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The structures pictured in this are beautiful. So little thought of permanence, nature, or humanity seems to go into the buildings I see popping up everywhere around Portland these days. Contemporary structures with no individuality or beauty to them. They do not reflect the climate, nature, or environment around them.

For example, virtually none of the 4 or 5 recently completed apartment buildings in my rapidly gentrifying (gentrified at this point) neighborhood have structural awnings. It rains in Portland. A lot. When you build a structure with retail spaces on the ground floor it seems advisable to me that you would also build a continuous awning onto the structure; Instead what we see are spaced out bits and pieces of cover that create waterfalls of water on either side of them when it rains.

Compared to the Abu Dhabi Louvre pictured at the end of the video… it’s just a copy pasted grey cube. Yes it is better than an “international style building”, but for a structure that will remain in that location for decades, is charging over 1,500 dollars a month for a studio barely over 400 sq feet, doesn’t include a air conditioner in said unit, and charges an extra 150 dollars a month for a parking spot? That isn’t anywhere even close to acceptable.

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