Watch: A kindergarten teacher takes his students on a virtual field trip to the zoo and they love it

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Now that’s a TEACHER! Awesome Mr. Kinder/Teacher!


Love it.


And how refreshing to see a male kindergarten teacher, too. He’s a hero.


Wow, and elegantly solved the problem of getting parents to sign permission slips for an in person/on premise field trip, since the trip took place from their home study place/cubicle.

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when my son (now grown) was in second or third grade he had a teacher named Mr. Kelly. this guy was constantly thinking of different ways to keep his class engaged in science and the world around them, and he did an amazing job at it. he once created an enormous model of our solar system on the ceiling of the classroom, complete with painted planets and asteroids that reacted under black light. all on his own, all expenses out of his pocket. he was a wonderful teacher who sadly left teaching for another profession. the kids and their parents never forgot about him though. teachers like Mr. Kelly and the man in the video have a huge positive impact, more more than they know. well done!


kindergarteners are the best. they are at that age where they can talk to you and tell you their thoughts about stuff, and they listen to what you have to offer, but they are not old enough to be jaded and attempting to assert their independence, lol


That’s awesome and I’m sure the kids had a great show. I’ve lived all over and the Woodland Park Zoo is one of my favorites! Lush, spacious, outdoor environments and open til the sun goes down (which can be pretty late during Seattle summers). For whatever reason the animals are much more interactive than at other zoos I’ve been to. I would go there and draw several times a week and I can’t count the number of times an orangutan would want to see what I was drawing or the wolf pack would want to run with me. Sigh…good times…

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seattle orangutan|386x500

That’s great. Awesome teacher!

On a tangent, (I was reminded of this when I saw the orangutan enclosure in the video) years ago I was working for The Vertical Club, now Vertical World, climbing gym in Seattle We got a call one day from the Woodland Park Zoo. They were nearly done with the new orangutan enclosure and they were curious if it was possible for reasonably skilled humans to climb out of it. I think three of us from the gym went over and we got to boulder around inside, trying to find ways out, which we never did. We pointed out spots where we thought it would be possible, if branches or other materials were stacked up, for an orangutan to reach things like drain holes, and pull themselves over the wall, but that was about all we could offer. Obviously, orangutans are WAY stronger than humans; I watched one do a one-finger, one-arm pullup in the older enclosure with no effort. I have no idea if our trip was useful to the Zoo, but it was pretty fun! I have never been back so it was cool to see how the enclosure looks these days.

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