Kindergarten teacher imagines calmly talking to Trump like the child that he is

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I taught kindergarten for a year. Even the worst behaved kid (I still remember you Colin) was more mature than him.


The FBI director is now wishing he’d known about her before the raid. She would have been very useful.

Seriously, though, this is exactly the kind of caring, nurturing, and patient person that right-wingers have disdain for as teachers and parents.


That’s because most children have to face consequences for their actions at some point. Trump is kind of like the kid from that Twilight Zone episode who had godlike powers which made any form of discipline impossible. Even now his supplicants tiptoe around him and shower him with praise for fear of being sent into the cornfield during primary season.


She asked if he felt “safe”! No American kid deserves to feel safe in school. Burn her!



No coincidence that I still find that episode to be the most frightening of all their episodes… and being turned into a Jack-in-the-Box would be nothing compared to where Trump and the GOP are taking us.



Comparing Trump to a child is obviously insulting and dehumanizing to children. We wouldn’t find it appropriate to analogize him to any other broad demographic group (“Psychiatric nurse imagines talking to Trump like the mental case he really is!” “Tiktoker talks to Trump like he’s an uppity emotional woman!”), but kids as a group of humans we’re all still pretty comfortable treating like crappy non-, semi-, or proto- humans.

I’d deffo recommend this short editorial by Dr. Peter Gray in Psychology Today on why it’s probably not a great habit to treat “childish” as an epithet:


Her new one explains why he can’t get any lawyers.

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