Kids asked to share impressions of Trump on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

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They’re better-informed than I was at that age. Curse you, internet!


That was cute


totes adorbs



“I don’t want to get nuked”. Why does that kid hate America?


After the election, that was the weirdest thing: having to retain composure and exude normality to children to young to understand, all the while thinking WTF is going on! This is not normal!

Even Nixon (and Nixon’s resignation!) were easier to explain to children than Trump and Trump’s continued indignities.

And what lessons are children who grow up with Trump from infancy going to learn? All Presidents are rude assholes? Selfish narcissism, namecalling, lying, disregard for the truth, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and orange tan dye are just great?

Of course, there’s the other perplexing issue that, in 50% of all households of America, seemingly sane parents are telling their children that everything Trump is doing is just great. WTF is that? I’d practically be fine with it if this were a Nixon, a Geo W Bush, a Romney, a McCain. But a Trump?


Trump saved the world (from harmony)… hmm. I hadn’t thought of it in that light before. I guess that does work!


I was totally not expecting the little girl at the end to make me belly laugh!


I´ll go out on a limb and say that every single one of the kids in the clip would be a better presiden right now than poopface. I love it. Poopface. Nice and simple.


That was very cute, and I felt a swell of pride for that one gay kid*, but mostly I just feel horrible that children are having to grow up with the idea that that’s what the President of the United States is.

* Yes, you totally can, and that’s OK

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How could you tell one is gay?

It’s basically like with Cylons

I understand the frustration, but kids tend to learn much more from their direct environment - parents, friends, family, school, church etc. Even the kids of Trump voters might do okay, as the lessons they might be taught in other places, and that they might pick up via their lived experiences, might contradict their parents voting pattern…

Um… only about less than a quarter of eligible voters voted for Trump? And we don’t know what they’re telling their kids.

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