Watch a new World Yo-Yo Champion in action

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I have some minor command of one yo yo, but what that guy can do is out of this world.

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I can’t help but imagine an action sequence in which this guy takes out 10 or 12 rampaging skinheads.
Is it a sign of the times, or is it that I’m a bad person?


“So, we’re staging this event where the audience is trying to watch a couple of fast-moving tennis-ball-sized objects from 50m away. What kind of backdrop should we use?”


If you ever have problem with the Gordian knot, I imagine this guy is the right one to call. Imagine how often he tangled his Yo-Yos into an unholy knot before he got all that right.

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For a while now I’m sure he’s been sponsored.

Bah! Just more glorification of weapons!

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Too much Star Tropics (or Mother/Earthbound) as a kid?

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Oh I thought it read “YOLO”… never mind.

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Um, Jonny Quest and F-Troop, maybe.

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I got into yoyos during last big craze about 20 years ago, when high-end bearing yoyos began appearing and a bunch of talented kids took yoyoing to the next level. But this kid is an order of magnitude beyond what anyone could do then. More evidence that brains are evolving and kids today are superhuman mutants.

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I’d not touched a yo-yo for years and thought I’d have forgotten how to use it, but I picked one up and it soon came back to me (also works with boomerangs).

Whatever happened to “walk the dog”…?

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