This is the most astonishing yo-yo performance you've ever seen (video)

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I seem to remember Yo-Yo Man being a lot happier.


What nobody in the audience realizes is that he just cast a curse on them and they will all suffer tragic fates within six months. This knowledge weighs heavily on Hajime.


I can almost make a single yo yo come back up the string, so I got that going for me.

Amazing skills. Very ummm… serious young man.


Wowsa. I went through a Yo-yo phase in like 3rd - 4th grade or so. Got the Duncan trick book and everything.

They have these super trick yo-yos that spin for ever to help facilitate these tricks, but that was still freaking amazing. I have no idea even how the strings didn’t get tangled.

There is a Pan Asian Festival in KC every year, and I went one year and they had some Yo-yo performers who were pretty amazing.

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BoingBoing has got its ups and downs, but wonderful things like this keep me coming back again and again.


The title of this post is correct. I gather the yo-yo world has moved beyond “walking the dog”. A dexterous fellow indeed, but how does he fare with tops?

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Another great routine from this year’s WYYC was Mir Kim’s semi-finalist run in the 1A division. The semi-finals are the routines players have to do in order to make it to the finals. Usually we share player’s final routines, but Mir’s semi-final routine is so fast and filled with bangers that it really stands out as one of the most impressive routines of all time.

It’s also worth noting that Mir’s younger sister, Miri Kim, won the Women’s Freestyle division at this year’s WYYC too. The first time that two siblings have simultaneously won a World Yo-Yo Contest champion title at the same time. Here is Miri’s winning routine:

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