The Duncan Butterfly yo-yo is still a LOT of fun


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Most of his tricks are pretty straightforward… Back in the day when I got fascinated with yo-yo’s, I could have actually done most of these. He’s got nothing on this badass kid:

Great, now I have to dig my yo yo out of the box in the basement and dive into the YouTube yo-yo trick rabbit hole.


I have kids, so we went through the yo-yo thing a few years ago. Am I remembering things incorrectly, or are Duncan yo-yo’s a lot lower quality then they were a few decades ago? I found one – the Mosquito – that’s playable, but the other ones were really poorly constructed.


I still have my old red butter fly. It needs a new string because of those damn tiny knots, but still works smooth as ever.


Don’t know what it is, haven’t even bothered to check the post but inb4 ‘centripetal’.


Duncan makes some better grade ones but yeah the bog standard one isn’t that great. For easily found ones I am partial to the Yomega Fireball. I really love the feel of that one, great weight and sleeps forever. They have some nice butterfly style ones as well.


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