The Duncan Butterfly, world's greatest yo-yo


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Ummm…err… no?
Really there are way better ones out there even from Duncan.
I really like Yomega for their plastics and they were a favorite at the juggling club. Also a good price.
Tom Kuhn makes some really nice ones but they are pricey.


Yeah, I think the basic Duncan Butterfly is the “greatest” yoyo in the same sense that an Easy Bake Oven is the greatest oven.


And they make way better ones like this which is admittedly 4 times the price but you are going to get 10 times the performance out of it.


I bought one of these from Walmart not too long ago. The spindle was pock-marked. It abraded the rope after only a few sleeps. It cost $3. I then went online and bought an aluminum stunt yo-yo with a bearing spindle for $10. Duncan, and the branch of Duncan responsible for lowering quality enough to meet Walmart’s profit margin requirements, and Walmart, can collectively suck it.

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