Watch a parkour coach teach a kid to backflip in an hour

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That is a slice of awesomeness, but my bones say no way Jorge.


I would expect that the kid in this case might already have extensive training in tangentially-related athletic disciplines, but we wouldn’t hear that in the video, of course.


The kids looks athletic, but I don’t see any reason to think that his prior training (beyond athleticism) was necessary or relevant.

I think this coach was able to break down the motions in a number of discrete steps, train each of them again and again until the kid was comfortable at each, put them together with scaffolding, and slowly removed scaffolds until the kid could do the whole thing by himself.

I think it was excellent teaching, and is the way the best teachers teach all sorts of things, like calculus. (We often talk about scaffolding in teaching, but here it was literal, which is great.)


I’m trying to say that when it comes to things like this, it seems disingenuous to suggest that “this kid learned this in an hour!!!” when the situation doesn’t necessarily apply to any kid.

What a great teacher! Breaking it down into the basic components and building confidence one step at a time. Way to teach realistic learning.

I feel like hoofing my way to this guy’s gym and seeing if he could help this out of shape fat-body kick some parkour ass!

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It looks like the guy is a good coach, question is: can he be a good coach to you?

Maybe you’d like to check Bob Reese’s youtube channel first, where he offers a playlist of talks everyone should watch, more than 25% of that is Jordan Peterson, the rest contains Joe Rogan and similar stuff.

So you better be cool with the support he offers comes from that mindset. Also better be prepared that he’ll help you find salvation by talking a lot about Jordan the Lobster God, as most of his followers tend to do.

It’s an idea who’s time has come, good luck!

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I concur. It was really cool to see the whole process. Could actually use this video to explain “scaffolding” to new teachers. Great visual example.


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