Watch a quarter million dominoes fall in this delightful game-themed setup

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Now that’s how you knock over a credit union!


It’s a good thing they built in redundancy because Mouse Trap never fucking works.


That was so well done but the camera work annoyed the hell out of me. It was so good it deserved to be filmed properly. Also, wish they hadn’t shown the giant Game Over in the setting up sequences. Talk about spoilers.


I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was filmed, since I expected quick cuts after every 15 dominos fell.

I’m in the habit of clicking forward on youtube videos to avoid the ever-present too-long and unnecessary introduction sequence. I avoided seeing any setup at all using this technique.

And even though I didn’t see the spoiler, the effect of the “Game Over” wasn’t that surprising…is there a word for mistakenly thinking that one has missed out on a surprise by seeing a spoiler, but in reality that surprise wouldn’t have meant much? In other words, I think you suffered the loss of a non-existent gain

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