Watch a rope of molten steel barely miss a worker


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That made me jump out’a my seat.


I might groan…and I do…about sitting in front of a computer all day, the chance of molten steel erupting from my PC is mighty slim.



That has got to be a pain to clean up! It’s like a silly string fight that needs to be cleaned up with blowtorches and angle grinders.


It takes the one guy like a full 3 seconds before he realizes that he is a few feet away from BURSTING INTO FLAMES AND MELDING INTO THE STEEL.

I would have shat my pants mightily.


OK, I feel lied to. That isn’t molten, it’s just a white hot bar of steel. Molten would be liquid. This makes it easier to understand why it did what it did, and there wasn’t an invisible angel stopping it from frying that guy.


“Talk about pushing rope…”


That third video made me think of a Lorentz attractor; I wonder if there’s a connection:


Were you also mad that Michael Phelps didn’t actually race a real shark?


No, I saw the ads when visiting my dad in the hospital. We both called BS on it. Haven’t seen it yet. Did they troll sharks with bait and measure how fast they swam and then time Phelps?


It’s a good thing he had his portable force field generator charged up.


So they call that a cobble. New use of the word for me.

falls down extrusions gone wrong youtube hole


They basically let him race against a computer model shark, from what I’ve gathered from the news. Didn’t spent any timid on it. Sharks are faster. Case closed. It’s about as interesting as sprinting against a Gepard, jumping against a kangaroo or who holds their breath longer: human or sperm whale.


Yeah, I knew that going into it :wink:


You’re certainly right, but it looks to me like it’s ready to sparkle, so it’s probably within a couple hundred degrees of molten.

Just think how hot it is in that room, that it took that long for a guy notice a white-hot rope of metal moving towards him!


Every year in June they hold the Man vs. Horse Marathon in Wales. Sometimes the human wins.


And he appears to be turned towards it briefly before turning away. Slow and stupid FTW I guess?


FWIW, I think that first one was actually only red hot, like the follow-ups. I expect that the infrared output was enough to overwhelm the IR filters on the CCD of that cheap security camera. I’ve had similar effects when photographing quartz lamp infrared heaters - they glow orange to the eye, but come out washed-out white on digital. Same effect you get when shining your TV remote into the camera- white flashes onscreen, invisible to eye.


What is it, a 100 foot sprint versus a Clydesdale?


Don’t relax yet: