Watch a virtual reality Haptx glove in action

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Seems to me that while it might make for neat tricks, there’s no compelling purpose for haptic gloves – or at least not yet. Quite the contrary:

I played with a haptic demo 20 years ago. (Maybe 19? Definitely in the 90s.) No VR, just a very simple suturing simulation on a CRT. And even with those limitations, feeling the “needle” puncture the “skin” was positively unnerving. I’m still not sure haptics can ever be practical, due to basic constraints of mechanical systems in this universe, but it was pretty amazing.

Really? It would be a much easier way for lonely guys to touch their virtual girlfriends than the method used in that new bladerunner film.

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I for one think this looks hottt. Definitely can’t wait to try one of these things!

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VR boobies

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Cyber-bullying is about to take a dark new turn…

“Why are you hitting yourself?” (slap) “Why are you hitting yourself?” (slap)

Strangely enough, the protagonist of Ready Player One swiftly decides VR porn is kind of pathetic and abandons it. Perhaps that was an unusually bold choice on the part of the author.

(While I found it wholly readable, I quite despised that book. But there will be time enough to ramble about that some other day.)

How about virtual operations? Except the uber-swank specialist is 10,000 miles away.

The obvious problem is that if you’re doing the kind of operation where haptic gloves are useful, you’re going to want some kind of network connection that’s a whole lot more reliable than what is currently available. Of course, that raises the question of whether the uber-swank specialist with a potentially unreliable connection is still superior to the pseudo-swank specialist who’s ready and waiting. Such matters have no doubt already been discussed in-depth somewhere.

Or the lack of a specialist entirely. Say, if the person needing surgery was on a remote outpost or a war zone that had robotic surgical pods but no surgeons.

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