Watch Aaron Draplin design a logo in 15 minutes


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See there? Fifteen minutes! And that, my friend, is why you never pay more than $50 for design work.


to be clear, that’s 50 exposure bucks.


Fun video… a very charismatic fellow and I love the energy he brings to his work. I could never get that excited about a corporate logo though… A corporate video on the other hand– now that really gets my blood moving. /s


Draplin is a master of using classic design inspiration and keeping it fresh and new.

I can never sketch out logo ideas on a computer – too slow, too limiting. Have to thumbnail by hand before the slow Adobe process can start.


You’d think there’s nothing more boring than designing a logo for a company that makes concrete foundations, but he puts a lot of thought and energy into it, and makes the whole thing really engaging.


I could watch stuff like this all day. I remember paging through a Draplin book, and there was just endless inspiration and craft. This all looks so damn easy, but I could never do any of it.

I feel this weird tension when I think of logos and designing. (I’m not a designer.) On the one hand, I think I hate logos and consumerism. On the other hand, a well-designed logo is so satisfying to look at.


I have a hard “Pencils before Pixels” rule in my graphic design classes.


He’s Left-Handed! That’s why I can’t do this stuff.

note to self: spend 10,000 hrs using only Left Hand from now on…


Heck, might as well have your admin assistant do it. Maybe even give him a whole half day to get it done!


You would think he’d be great at it, since he’s a computer guy and everything. His resume is all Word this and Outlook that, but when I told him to put more flashing images on our website to make it edgier, he screwed it all up. And don’t even get me started on the mess he made of our squeal datas.


So he’s doing it the same why I have been for about 20 years now. I guess I’ve been doing it right all along?

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