Watch an astonishing demonstration of face-mapping art

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Fantastic visuals, great sound, this could go on for 4-5 minutes or more and I would be happy. How can I get ahold of this music? Really interesting performance and art applications should be coming from this work esp. that which pushes the mechanical and tech aspects of this new medium. Many thumbs up!!

I was astonished. Gobsmacked by the capabilities of the technology here. And then I realised I had watched a documentary this week where a machine scanned a ‘waterfall’ of 34,000 grains of free-falling wheat per second, analysed each one and individually removed each defective grain from the falling stream with a puff of compressed air. 34,000 per second FFS! Grains of wheat FFS! Individually targetted and hit by compressed air FFS! And then I was no less gobsmacked at this video (the human role - choreography, etc. - was in itself amazing) but was rather less astonished at the technical capabilities exhibited, amazing as they are.

(Yeah, Arthur C Clarke, re sufficiently advanced science and magic, seems a relevant reference here.)

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