Watch: an evening stroll through the entertainment district of Osaka, Japan

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I used to live 15 min from Osaka in Itami, I miss stolling through Shinsaibashi, America-mura, and Dotonburi, which were all next to each other.


I took a similar walk through Dotonbori on a visit to Osaka last year. Very crowded, in-your-face walking district. A great contemporary cultural experience for a tourist - tons of photo ops and so much to eat! Like Times Square in half the square, only pedestrian traffic, and alongside a canal, for blocks and blocks. Worth a visit, specifically at night. The video in the post is about half as populated as my visit - must’ve been a weeknight.


Waa! I so want to go back!

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is Binaural just stereo or something else.
isn’t labeling outdoor settings as ASMR kinda stupid?

looking for other people’s take instead of just going on what my first impressions are.

I’m no expert, but yes, I think it’s bollocks.

It seems to be claiming the video has therapeutic/stimulation value beyond the pleasure of taking a video (with audio!) tour around Dotonburi. Everyone knows what ASMR is (and I doubt this is it) but I’ve just read that ‘binaural beats’ is a therapy using stereo sound - though I don’t think city noises count.

At least we’ve learnt that ‘binaural’ isn’t solely a synonym of ‘stereo’!

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I grant them this. the stereo is quite separated and based on the location of the camera so if they hope to imply like using the ears on your head then ok fine. the quality of the volume and that separation helps one feel like they are actually there in person and if thats what they think of as ASMR like then ok fine.

still. buzzwords. bah humbug XD

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I have heard many times that the Japanese do NOT like public photography or videography and I still see the occasional show shot on the streets all gorilla style. it seems to be quite the mixed bag on whether someone is going to call you out on it I guess.

Hmm…if it’s gorilla style, maybe no one even sees them walking through! :wink:


I loooove Dotonburi.

Such great food! The cheezy fiberglass figures of what is being served at the restaurants.

Guess what food these places serve?

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Favourite restaurant sign from my last trip:

Dark Side of the Moo, anybody?


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